Build Log #3 - Voltage Is Flowing

A project log for Vintage Electric Go Kart

Your typical electric go kart build... maybe?

Andy ShinnAndy Shinn 05/13/2021 at 22:240 Comments

The battery cells and hardware have finally arrived. I spent the week building the battery pack and testing functions of the front panel wiring.

As previously mentioned the battery is a 20S2P configuration. Nominal voltage should be 64V and peak charged voltage should be 73V. The individual cells are a 6 Ah which in a a 2P configuration means we have 16 Ah capacity. The pack can put out a continuous 5C which means we can do 80 A no problem. Peak is rated for 15C or 240 A!

The battery pack is taped up with Kapton tape to help prevent any accidental short circuits. It's wired up with the Chargery BMS24T balance cable and temperature sensors.

I'm waiting on some additional screw hardware to fasten up these beefy battery cables before I can test out the pack. These are 2 AWG wire which should be good for up to 210 A according to the manufacturer. The connectors are Anderson SB175 and are good for up to 280 A. One pair of plugs will be for the battery to the contactor and current shunt and the other pair will be for the controller to the other side of the contactor and current shunt. This will allow us to unplug the controller and plug in the charger.

I've also started working on the wiring harness. Here is the start of the switches and LEDs which will live in the control panel. This will have a connector that connects to the main wiring harness and goes back to the controller and BMS main module.

This quick wiring harness and control panel set up is working! I was able to verify that the controller is seeing a switch inputs and also tested out the motor data cable adapter which is showing data from the motor.

I have parts ordered for the battery box and other 3D printed parts such as the display and control panel. I'm still waiting on a couple more fasteners and then we should be just about finished with orders and can start throwing everything together. Hopefully in the next video we will have the motor spinning. Cross your fingers!