WinDIY_2 - Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

A new version of the mostly 3D printed windturbine incl. a new version of a 3D printed generator.

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Based on my experiences of the first version of WinDIY ( I'm aiming to build a new, simpler and more powerfull design.

Last year I presented a wind turbine called "WinDIY", which can be largely made from 3D printable parts. (You can find information on this here: and here:

Relatively quickly after building the first prototype, it became clear that I would build a new version. The construction of the first WinDIY version worked in principle, but there was a need for optimization in some areas.

I now want to implement these optimizations with a completely new design. For this, not only the design of the blades is being revised. The 3D printed generator will also be completely redesigned. In addition, I plan to simplify part of the somewhat complex mechanics. Ultimately, the structure should be lighter, the turbine should run more efficiently and also be a little more compact.

I'm currently working on the first basics such as the newly designed pitch actuator and the generator. You can see some of the first progress in the project logs. :)


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  • New pitch actuator

    Fab05/05/2021 at 16:00 0 comments

    In the first version of WinDIY I installed a pitch actuator. With this it was possible to adjust the angle of attack of the wings.

    Unfortunately, the build was very complex and large. (You can find more information here: )

    So I want to use a different system for the new version.
    I'm currently working on a 3d printed worm gear. Three of these should then be installed in the hub of the turbine in order to adjust the blades directly.

    You can see the working prototype in the video below. This construction has several advantages:
    • the wing can be adjusted much faster
    • the mechanism is self-locking
    • the mechanic has much less play
    • easier to set up

    Here is the promised video and a few pictures. :)

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