• Weather station implemented using dev board

    andrey.malyshenko09/17/2021 at 09:10 0 comments

    One of the reasons for this project to appear is that I'm using esp8266 for all kind of small projects all the time, but in the end I can't accept it as a mess of wires on the breadboard. Alternatively I can use perfboard but final look also lacks some refinement.

    This board however fits into standard Raspberry Pi case, therefore making final product look quite close to "usable-on-daily-basis".

    I took Weather station project by ThingPulse folks as example. I had ST7789 screen laying around, It is a bit smaller then the ILI9341 screen that project uses originally, but has the same resolution. It wasn't too hard to harness it to the board.

    I forked the repo and added ST7789 screen support, changed screen orientation and did few more cosmetic modifications. End result looks like this

    Looks good if you ask me.