• New PCB came in

    andriy.malyshenko08/17/2021 at 09:51 0 comments

    I never described original board, since I did few mistakes there and aprat from basic testing it wasn't any use. But also it gave me ideas in which direction this project should go.

    1. I replaced Arduino socket with actual Atmega328P chip, it is cheaper and actually looks better

    2. I reshaped the board the way it can be used with breadboard. I find it myself most useful in development.

    3. I was able to run and test SDK and basic samples

    The board (rev B) came in not without issues, but with few bodge wires I made it work. And it works great

    Now I'm planning to fix issued found and document all the work done. The board itself is open source and open hardware, but I'm planning to prepare small batch for distribution on Tindie whenever anyone interested