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Do you searching for cheap and simple electronics projects, then this project is for you. In this project I will teach you making 3 simple electronics project circuit. You can make this circuit at home easily. You also use this circuit as like school project college project and university project.

To make this circuit, we might need some electronics project. Those component list have to been given below.

Project No – 1

Project Name –  Blinking 5 mm LED with AC voltage

Component list -

1. LED – 5mm

2. Capacitor - 10µf/25v

3. Rectifier Diode – 1N 5399

4. Resistor – 47 KΩ (1watt)

5. Diac – DB3

6. Power Source – AC Voltage


Circuit Connection –

To make this circuit 1st we connect led positive leg with diac. Then connect capacitor negative leg with LED negative leg and connect capacitor positive leg with diac. Now connect diode positive leg with capacitor positive leg & connect resistor with capacitor negative leg.

Now we connect power source with the circuit. Connect AC cable with empty terminal of resistor and negative leg of diode.

The circuit contain AC voltage ⚡.. If you are beginner, then you should use separator.

Now just plug-in AC voltage & enjoy the circuit.


Project No – 2

Project Name – Touch switch circuit using silicon transistor.

Component list -

1. LED – 5mm

2. Transistor – C 945

3. Resistor – 1 KΩ

4. Battery – 9 Volt

Transistor Pinout – 

To make this circuit, we are using silicon transistor. It’s value C945. It’s a NPN transistor. The transistor contain 3 legs. These 3 legs have different names. If we count from left side, then 1st  no “Emitter”, 2nd  no “Collector” & 3rd no “Base”.

Circuit Connection –

1st we connect LED negative leg with Collector of transistor. Then we connect 1 kΩ resistor with LED Positive leg.

Now we connect 9v battery connector with the circuit. Connect battery connector positive cable with empty terminal of resistor & connect battery connector negative cable with Emitter of transistor.

Now we connect battery connector with the battery. Our circuit is ready for use. Now just touch your finger with Collector & Base of transistor then the LED light will glow.

Now you can use your circuit as like school or college project.  Enjoy the circuit.



Project No – 3

Project Name –  Connect 5 mm LED with AC volt.


Component list -

1. LED – 5 mm

2. Ceramic Capacitor – 102k/2kv

3. Rectifier Diode – 1N 5399

4. Resistor – 220 KΩ

5. Power Source – AC Voltage

Circuit Connection –

1st we connect rectifier diode positive leg with ceramic capacitor. Then connect resistor with ceramic capacitor. Now connect LED positive leg with positive leg of diode and LED negative leg with resistor, that terminal is connected with ceramic capacitor.

Our circuit is almost ready for use now. Now we connect this circuit with AC voltage. You can see that the LED light is glowing.