Replace broken CCFL backlight on laptop with LEDs

DC/DC-converter and SMD-LEDs instead of CCFL inverter an tube

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As the CCFL backlight on my IBM Tinkpad T20 broke some years ago in 2010, I had to find a cheap solution to repair (I was a student at that time). As it was not clear whether the inverter or the tube was defective, I decided to replace the whole backlight with some SMD-LEDs laying around.

I also had a DC/DC-converter (LDO03C-005W05-SJ) from an old project, so that I only had to make a appropriate pcb to solder LEDs and resistors on. The pcb had the same dimensions like the CCFL-tube so it could easily be replaced.

The result was quite ok, as you can see on the pics.

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