i2c PWM Expander PCA9685 Breakout Board

Tiny Breakout Board for I²C 16-channel, 12-bit PWM Controller PCA9685

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I²C PWM Controllers like PCA96X5 are handy when MCU/SoCs run out of PWM outputs. Among them, PCA9685 is directly supported by the mainline Linux kernel. However, most PCA9685 breakout boards on market are designed for driving servos. They are large in size and have resistors connected to the output of PWM channels. I would like a compact board simply breaks out the outputs, so I have built this tiny but fully-featured module for PCA9685 and other pin-compatible ICs (e.g. PCA9635).
  • 1 × PCA9685 Interface and IO ICs / Display Interface
  • 2 × 4.7k 4x0603 Resistor Array
  • 2 × 0603 LED Any color you like, on for power and the other for OE (output enable)
  • 1 × 0603 1uF MLCC Decoupling capacitor for PCA9685
  • 1 × 0603 1.5k Resistor

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