• Stuck

    Zack04/27/2021 at 23:58 0 comments

    The current state of the project is as follows:

    1.) Mechanicals: Designed and built.  Not 100% sure on the effector; it is 3D printed and I might go to aluminum instead.  Depends if it melts I guess.

    2.) Electricals: Designed and (sorta) built.  Custom circuit board with Raspberry Pi Pico and 6 stepper drivers, mounted above the machine.  There were some issues with the first prototype of the board so a new one is on the way and should arrive within a week, but what's there is enough for basic testing already.  All the wiring is done.

    3.) Code: This is the problem at the moment.  My goal was to install Marlin, but this board is not in Marlin and there seems to be no movement on the feature request to add it.