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A project log for Kitchen cabinet lighting on the cheap

Trying to light up the kitchen for less.

kajkaj 03/14/2020 at 14:500 Comments

The microswitches used turned out to be very sturdy, but there were three that could not be mounted at the back. One due to the fact that the drawer wouldn't allow it, and the other two were doors to hide a carrousel for pots, pans, and other items.
Unfortunately, our 2yo found these switches very interesting, and decided to break the lever, rendering the switch inoperable and the light permanently on. Now, I have enough microswitches to last me a lifetime, but having to solder a new one every other day get tedious.

So I set out for some optical switches, and found some on AliEx. Keyword is infrared switch, and they can be had for under $5 a piece, with 2510 connections or DC barrel jacks.

I'll probably equip the cupboards with these when my current to-do list is down from 40 items to 10. :)