3D printer concept Prototype

A different 3D printer concept made from scratch using recycled materials

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This is intended to be a multifuncional 3D printer made from recycled materials and using industrial concept's in mechanism, it will print in angles with or without a conveyor belt, cnc/plotter/laser and 3D printing capabilities

First movement test before calibration

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lucassmorris222 wrote 07/29/2021 at 12:31 point

I would say this is an outstanding work of 3D designing I have ever seen. I can see that it is made from a strong material and looks very durable due to  metal fence used. Out of many 3D designing machines this one is amazing. 

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Oliveira wrote 3 days ago point

Thank you so much

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Nikominad wrote 05/08/2021 at 18:44 point

That's great for designing artwork. 3D designing is becoming easier to get ready with the help of this software. I have been learning for becoming an expert person and create different stunning logos. But this type of 3D printing machine has made this whole process more convenient and easier! Thanks for sharing this post,

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