3D Printed Centrifugal Water Pump

I designed, printed, built and tested a centrifugal water pump.

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I opted for a closed vane design as this is what I've got the most experience with in industry. I've also seen a lot of open vane designs which have already been printed and I wanted to try something a bit different.

I didn't include any kind of static or dynamic shaft seal in the design as i wanted to keep the first iteration really simple and accessible. Future models will include a shaft seal - this will make it entirely water tight.

To ensure I could sufficiently feed the suction of the pump, I designed it to fit a standard UK 2 litre drinks bottle - i could then cut a nice hole in this and feed it with my garden hose. This did still prove difficult to feed when the pump is un-restricted. It was able to empty the bottle below its suction level quicker than the hose could fill it.

I have plenty of ideas to further this project; different impeller designs, addition of a non-return valve etc. The possibilities are endless!

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