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Can a home made laptop finally cost less than a commercial one?

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/06/2023 at 06:200 Comments

The trend continues to be towards the future demise of remote work, so lions continue to keep track of head mounted display options for commuting.

Nreal changed names to Xreal.  VR goggles were slowly getting replaced by ever smaller glasses.

So it was quite a stunner when Tim Cook said we're not going to continue towards smaller glasses.  We're backing up with yet another big honking ski goggle.

The lion kingdom's opinion of the Apple vision pro is a very conservative revival of a product from 2014 which you would expect from a big company where everyone lives in their own microcosm of 2014.

The mane limitation might be the requirement of a large display to get 4k in each eye.

It's not clear why every top tier company is showing powerpoints of employees working remotely while at the same time insisting remote work is a myth & collaboration requires being in person.  The VR craze is like the rise of internet appliances 25 years ago.  They couldn't think of anything else so they all defaulted to internet appliances.

Anyways, the $3500 tag isn't going to happen.  You could buy a really nice macbook pro instead or just retire instead of commuting.