Imagine you’re traveling in your car by using the maps on your mobile phone and suddenly the battery of your phone get died. Now, you have neither an electrical socket for charging nor the maps to travel. Hence this situation is difficult to handle and makes you concerned and questionable. But, every problem arises with its solution. So is it possible that there is no answer to your question? And, the answer is hidden in your own car. Yes!! you can charge the mobile device by your own car. You just need a little electronic knowledge. So, in this tutorial, we are making a 5 Volt USB Mobile / Car Charger using LM7805 

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How the Circuit Works?

Firstly, make the circuit according to the diagram given. For understanding, watch the video tutorial by clicking the below given link.

The circuit of the car charger uses the LM7805 voltage regulator IC. The Three terminal IC accepts the car battery voltage and regulates it to 5 volts. The regulator works greatly against the voltage fluctuations that may happen due to the battery connected to the circuit. Then it provides the 5V voltage to the USB port where the mobile phone is already connected. Hence the charging gets started. Before connecting the device make sure to check through the multimeter that the circuit is providing 5V.