To prevent the use of cell phones at serious places like examination rooms, prayer rooms, etc, the administrator of that place can use this device, called a cell phone call detector. It enables to detection of the presence of mobile phones within the specific range. However, the range is not very high and is about 10 to 15 meters. Most cell phone detectors use the bugs or antennas that detect the radio frequency signals of activated mobile phones. Also, the detectors can detect even if the cell phone is in silent mode. Here in this article, we will discuss the cell phone call detector that uses LM358 IC.

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How does Cell Phone Detector Works?

When any cell phone is active and sending or receiving any calls, it radiates the radio frequency. Antenna finds that signal and capacitor detects that signal and then passes it to the LM358 IC. The IC passes that signal forward. As a result, the LED in the circuit blinks, and the buzzer beeps. The buzzer beeps until the signal transmission stops.