Audio amplifiers are the circuits that transform low-power input audio signals into high-power audio signals at the output. The purpose of the circuits is to provide a noise-free, efficient, and low distorted audio signal with greater magnitude at the output. Different devices use different kinds of audio amplifiers. The amplifier devices usually have two stages, a pre-amplifier that only amplifies voltage gain and not the current gain, and a power amplifier that necessitates power modification of the audio signal. So, this article is about making a power amplifier using a 2SC5200 Power transistor.

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Working of Audio Amplifier Circuit

The circuit gets turned on by supplying the 12v DC power and starts working when audio input is given through a computer, or smartphone, or a device like them. The capacitor that is connected at the base of the transistor blocks the DC component, and the potentiometer control the input voltage. Hence, the AC signal is generated at the base of the transistor which works as the control signal. The collector of the transistor drives the output load, that is the speaker.