Every electronic device requires a DC input supply to power its circuit. Primarily, the DC power supplies are employed to transforms the AC power into DC power. Hence it generates a more convenient voltage to the output device. Also, the circuits of power supplies have almost four stages. At the first stage, there is a transformer, then there is a rectifier circuit, after that, filter and at the final stage, there is the voltage regulator. To understand the working of all these stages, in this tutorial, we are going to make a 9 Volt Power Supply using an LM7809 Voltage Regulator.

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Working Explanation

In this circuit of 9 Volt Power Supply, the transformer in the circuit is used to convert the supplied voltage to the voltage that is needed. The diodes together make the rectifier circuit that converts the alternating current into direct current. Then the capacitors are used as filters that filtered out the ripples and give smoothness to the voltage. At the final stage, the regulator IC is wired to adjusts and controls the output voltage.