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A project log for ╬╝Pow: 3D printer buck converter for 12V/5V fans

A dual-output switching DC-DC buck converter to replace the 24V fans on a 3D printer

alexander-williamsAlexander Williams 05/05/2021 at 03:330 Comments

I know I know, buck converters are a dime a dozen, but I really needed something in a pinch so I made this board without researching existing options.

After some research, however, I found that most solutions to this problem involve inefficient linear regulators, some DIY buck converter using resistors (voltage divider), or el cheapo buck converters with questionable parts.

Here's one example:

OK so that solution is inexpensive, at ~$2 per module, however it's a pain requiring one module per fan, and having to tune each one manually for each fan (requires a multimeter).

My idea uses a simple dual converter that connects to a PC fan controller which is designed specifically for controlling fans with turn knobs (and it looks cool).

So, I'm thinking of designing a tiny plug-n-play PCB to make this simpler for others. Let me know if that interests you.