An initial design: board v.1

A project log for ╬╝Pow: 3D printer buck converter for 12V/5V fans

A dual-output switching DC-DC buck converter to replace the 24V fans on a 3D printer

alexander-williamsAlexander Williams 05/05/2021 at 22:330 Comments

I made a very quick initial design which includes a 1.1A (trip 2.2) fuse and some diodes.

The dimensions are 50mm x 22mm, exactly half the size of my μDiff: Long distance digital signals over RJ45 project.

I'll most likely iterate on this design as well, since I'm not a huge fan of:

I'm still using SIP3 package switching regulators, because they're extremely efficient and work really well despite their higher cost.

Since the module can't draw more than 1A, I could do away with the mounting holes and JST connectors, and simply put some 2.54mm pin headers and make it more "breadboard friendly". Let's see...