All 5 Axes

A project log for PROJECT-A

5 Axis articulated robotic arm. Actuated by planetary reduced open-loop stepper motors.

sixthnassauSixth_Nassau 05/27/2021 at 17:480 Comments

This one shows self-power off, by pressing the kill switch. Always handy for certain situations.

Let's See

Still surprised that 3D print can handle such loads. Especially where the base is located. All the force of the 16KG arm is supported at the base by a small area in which the cross-section is equal to 60cm² or 77x77mm.

Here you see all 5 axes moving simultaneously.

The length of the arm is 667mm from the center of the first joint to the coupling of the end-affector. With the end-affector (in our case a 3 fingered hand) attached it is 850mm from the center of the first joint to the grip area of the gripper.