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    Build Process


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    Assembling the Circuit

    **Note: We use a 3D printed case in this project, the 3D files are available in the files section. If you do not have a 3D printer you can build your own case out of cardboard or some other material.**

    To start we will need to remove the client from its blue case, rendering it a “naked” client. To do this remove the Phillips head screw from back of the case and the two internal Phillips heads screws that affix the client to the case.

    Next, gather your LEDs and 4 jumper wires. Be sure to note which legs of the LEDs are short (GND) and long (positive).

    Wire you'r LEDs to the Builder Base as follows.

    Now we will connect the distance sensor to the Builder Base. Start by again connecting 4 MF jumper wires to the four pins on the distance sensor and then connect the distance sensor to the Builder Base as follows.

    Lastly we will wire our 5v power supply DIY Kit to the circuit. Take two MM jumper wires, connect them to the screw terminals on the power supply, and then connect them to the Builder Base as follows.

    Now the circuit is complete. If you wired it correctly, the led on the Builder Base and the LCD should illuminate when you switch the power supply on!

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    Placing the Counter in its Case

    **Before you proceed with this step you will want to download the 3D model and print it out. The Model is available in the resources section below.**

    Now we will place the Pushup Counter in its housing. Let’s start with the Client.

    Place the client on the posts highlighted in the photo below and secure it with the two screws that held the client in its original case.

    Now, place the LCD on the posts highlighted below and secure it with two M3 x 5mm bolts.

    Now, place the 5v power supply on the post highlighted below and secure it with a M3x5mm bolt.

    Now place the 9v batter in the slot highlighted below. This slot is designed to be a friction fit, so no additional hardware is needed to secure it to the case.

    Now we will attach the LEDs and the Distance sensor to the front of the case. Because neither the LEDs nor the distance sensor have mounting holes, we simply hot glued them to the lid of the case.

    Lastly, we will secure the top with 2 M2 screws.

    Congrats, your pushup counter project is now complete!