The enclosure

A project log for DIY Ringlight

The spotlights on my microscope didn't cut it. So I'm making a ring light to improve video quality.

nagupnagup 05/11/2021 at 18:500 Comments

This is the body of the ring light, the brightness will be controlled with a potentiometer which you can see in the images below, I do worry that I may not be able to drop the PCB in but if that's the case then I can make some modifications, I didn't have space for screw holes in the LED ring so I will have to use a friction fit or rely on the translucent diffuser/lens to hold it in place. This is just the first version though so I don't expect it to work smoothly, ill definitely need to cut, file, and melt some areas.

When I get a PCB assembled I will look at the output, interested to see if the compact design increases the frequency and produces a cleaner wave.