2 In 1 Awesome Electronics Project

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Hello guys, do you searching for making an awesome electronics project circuit? Then this project is for you. Following this method, you will get two services from one circuit. To say, it is a very simple and cheap electronics project that you can make at home and use as like school project, college project, and funny electronics project also.
Following this method, you can make a clap or sound-activated switch & air flow switch.

To make this awesome electronics project, you might need some electronics components.

Let’s introduce with those electronics components.

Component list -

1. Mosfet – IRF 3205

2. Transistor – BC 557

3. Film Capacitor – 105j 400v

4. Variable Resistor – 20 KΩ

5. Mic

6. Push Switch

7. LED – 4v

8. Battery – 3.7v

Mosfet & Transistor Pinout -


Mosfet -  IRF 3205 is an N-Channel mosfet. As usual it’s have 3 legs. These 3 legs have different names. If we count its leg from left side, the 1st “Gate”, 2nd “Drain” & 3rd “Source”.

Transistor – BC 557 is a PNP transistor. As usual it’s have 3 legs. These 3 legs have different names. If we cout its leg from left side, the 1st leg is “Collector”. 2nd leg is “Base” & 3rd leg is “Emitter”.


Circuit Connection –

To make this awesome circuit, 1st we connect film capacitor with Gate and Drain leg of Mosfet. Then we connect Base and Emitter of the transistor with variable resistor.

Now we connect transistor with the Mosfet. We connect Collector with Gate leg of Mosfet. Then we connect a push switch with Gate and Source leg of Mosfet.

Cause it is a sound activated switch, so we need to use Mic with the circuit. We connect Mic positive leg with Base leg of transistor and Mic negative leg with Source leg of Mosfet.

Now, we connect DC-4v led light with the circuit. Connect led positive leg with Emitter of transistor and led negative leg with Drain leg of Mosfet.

For power source we are using 3.7 volt. Now connect DC Negative cable with Source leg of Mosfet and connect DC positive cable with Emitter leg of Transistor.

Our circuit is now ready for use. Now just clap in front of the Mic and enjoy the circuit.

For more interesting electronics project, you can follow us.

  • 1 × Mosfet – IRF 3205
  • 1 × Transistor – BC 557
  • 1 × Film Capacitor – 105j 400v
  • 1 × Variable Resistor – 20 KΩ
  • 1 × Mic Inductors, Chokes, Coils and Magnetics / Fixed Inductors, Chokes and Coils

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    Don't use more than 4 volt power supply.

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