After working from home for 12 months, I felt my old keyboard starting to wear on my wrist and shoulders. Looking for an update, I opted to build my own solution. Using the Lily58 PCB Layout and supported QMK image, I was able to construct and flash a custom solution to my ergo issues.

Why split ergomech? Split keyboard allows for a more neutral position for wrists and shoulders, relieving my hunched position over a keyboard. 

  • Separating the halves allows shoulders & chest can be opened for better posture
  • Split halves support "tenting"; angling the boards themselves to put wrists in a neutral position
  • Replacing with a "low-profile" board allows for reduced stroke length, and varying weight of keys depending on preference

Build Phase

  • Soldering diodes, hotswap sockets, ProMicro controller, and other components per build guide
  • Flexible, coiled TRRS cable for easy positioning on deskspace
  • Separate wrist supports

Programming Phase

  • Adjusting QMK layout for personal prefereces
  • Optimizing everyday usecase for Python development and data engineering

Next steps

  • Bongocat WPM Counter
  • Custom macro shortcuts
  • Python Dev custom layout