Quantity   Component name
1 × 12VDC geared motor for setting mowing height http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/MjM1OTg2OTk-/Motoren/DC_Getriebemotoren/DC_Getriebemotor_mit_Spindel_200680_12_V_rechts.html
1 × Chassis handcafted from aluminium rods including: hinge, drawer rails, acrylic glass
4 × Wheels http://www.voelkner.de/products/152403/110-MT-Komplettraeder-Titan-Sw-2-Stueck.html
1 × [NOTE] These are just the major components. See the GitHub link ( https://github.com/schuhumi/autocut ) for more detail
1 × Raspberry Pi B (first version) Running Arch Linux; soon to be replaced due to I2C issues (hardware related)
1 × TP-Link USB Wifi dongle with wide range antenna
1 × Power supply module provides UBat, 5V; Battery voltage monitoring, 5V fallback system, fuses
1 × Driving module 4 H-Bridges, Back-EMF speed measurement; hinge angle measurement, automatic drive regulation
1 × Mowing module 2 H-Bridges + ADC for electronic mowing heigt setting, 4 FET driven PWM channels with Back-EMF for mowing motors
2 × 14.8V 5Ah rechargeable LiPo batteries Main power supply
2 × 5V USB power bank Fallback for the system to run even if main batteries disconnected (change batteries)
4 × 6-24VDC geared motors for driving (CHM-2435-1)
2 × 12VDC mowing motors (CHM-2435-1)