Computie 68k

A simple 68010-based computer with a Unix-like OS

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A simple single board computer using a Motorola 68010 CPU, which can connect to a host computer via USB/TTL-Serial. It has a bus for connecting a supervisor arduino or expansion devices, but it can operate standalone using the onboard UARTs. It has 1MB of onboard Flash, 1MB of onboard SRAM, and a 68681 Dual UART chip with GPIO. Some of the GPIO pins are wired to 4 general purpose LEDs and 2 general purpose buttons. The SMT version has a CompactFlash socket directly interfaced to the CPU.

Along with it is a Unix-like OS that can do preemptive multitasking using the 68681 timer. It also has an implementation of the Minix version 1 filesystem, which uses RAM (through a device driver) to store the data, or a Compact Flash card connected as an IDE device. The second serial port can be configured as a SLIP device, with a basic implementation of UDP and TCP through a BSD sockets-style API, and an NTP command is provided for updating the system time on boot (when booting from disk).

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