A project log for Vintage Z80 palmtop compy hackery

It even has a keyboard!

esot.ericesot.eric 07/26/2021 at 04:520 Comments

I've so many tabs open... and so many other bookmarks, this is in no way complete, nor in order. In fact, there are many great ones I've flat-out left out, since this was for tab-cleanup. Maybe I'll get back to this.


ZAC, the z80 compiler, runs /on/ the TI-86. Also comes with an IDE and nice text-editor that also run on the calculator.

This guy is reverse-engineering the 86 right down to gerbers of the PCB. This'd've been /really/ handy, if I hadn't found it so late in the game. Still... Amazing work, and surely useful.

TI-85 schematic:

crud, that was supposed to be a link.

TI-85 Port Documentation (The T6A43 CPU is the same, including the ports... mostly.):

There are two files at for the 86's ports... I should dig up their links... those three docs work together to paint a better picture of the T6A43's ports, in general.;86-PORT4.TXT

... stuff here:


Great Resource, all 'round the site, for z80 stuff, ASM, stuff, TI-OS stuff, and TI-86 programming:

Z80 instruction set:

Z80 ASM stuff:

TI-86 Programs:

Random goodies:

TI-86 with an STM32?!!!

I dig the hardware-hackery-enthusiasm in this thread... most forumstuff I've found seems mostly limited to writing games, etc...