let the Genelec speakers float...

creating a purposeful design with best speaker performance

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As person who enjoys to listen to music its a must to have great speakers. I had the chance to get a pair for the Genelec G2 speaker system. To enjoy these speakers on my desk I decided to build a stand to enjoy the best experience.

Target was to get the lightest speaker stands with a given footprint and defined height of the speakers above the table.

As these speakers are active their weight is around 3.2kg. The body is made out of aluminium.

After 3D scanning the speaker the max design volume was created.
3D printing was the only way to produce them to ensure the max design freedom.
Iterations with a topology optimizer were done to create and learn.
The shape was created based on different topology optimized shapes with different boundary conditions. 

Parts were produced out of PLA with 0.2mm layer thickness, 20% gyroid-infill.

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Discussions wrote 05/30/2021 at 14:33 point

If someone is interested to work on a topology optimized stand for himself let me know!

  Are you sure? yes | no wrote 05/26/2021 at 18:59 point

Thanks! - You want to replace these stands with a topology optimized shape? Or let your speakers float? - If Yes, you got fixings at the back of the speaker? 

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Maximus Panin wrote 05/26/2021 at 16:02 point


It would be great to do something similar for Adam Artist 5 ))

They have interesting models:

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