6-Axis Robot from Scratch - Servo driven

I am currently building a 6 axis robot from scratch with 500 mm reach. It is servo driven and features absolut encoders on all axis.

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- 6 Axis
- BLDC Servo driven -> Servo driver: ESC G431 (featured in a project I am participating: -> originally was planed to build my own servo driver due to ship shortage my µC was not available anymore... (see pictures)
- Absolute Encoders on all axis
- Aluminium base frame (no 3D printer structual parts)
- Belt drives on all axis

- Total weight about 5 kg
- Max power 1,5 kW (all axis max)
- G1 and G2 -> 40 Nm max
- G3 -> 25 Nm max
- G4 to G6 -> 18 Nm max
- tested maximum Speed G1 at max radius (500 mm): 2 m/s

Build series

First simultanous test of G2 and G3

quicktime - 7.58 MB - 05/15/2021 at 14:31


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