New boards arrived

A project log for uCM4

Compute Module 4 carrier board for network projects that is as small as CM4 itself

Kamil LorencKamil Lorenc 07/29/2021 at 12:160 Comments

Today just a quick update. Last time I wrote that I ordered new boards. Today I received the package. After quick check, everything looks fine. One unknown was Ethernet connector, where one mounting hole was to small for easy assembly. It this revision it is way better and for me the risk of damaging the connector during assembly is eliminated.

Here is the board that I got:

And back of it:

As you can see it is already in version 0.1.1. I did not order assembly of U1-U3 ICs to save some money. If you want to reproduce the design, it should be enough to upload files available on Github (as assets to this release) and order (by default JLCPCB should offer to assemble U1-U3, if available).

Now the plan is to have it assembled, up and running till end of next weekend. Expect another update soon!