v0.2.0 boards arrived and work!

A project log for uCM4

Compute Module 4 carrier board for network projects that is as small as CM4 itself

Kamil LorencKamil Lorenc 11/04/2021 at 18:080 Comments

Today, finally, after more than a month (last update was September 13) I received a package with 5 boards in 0.2.0 revision. I just finished testing one of them and till now everything works perfectly fine. I hoped for earlier arrival, but Chinese holidays in early October caused delay even to factory estimates. Fun fact is that I chose railway parcel as a shipping option, so now I know that maybe it is faster than ship, but air mail still wins in terms of time. Anyway, they are finally on my desk, so expect some news in the coming days. For now I can show you short gallery and obviously Ethernet benchmark, as this board is all about Ethernet, so it would make no sense without maximum throughput that BCM2711 can give me. Here it is:

And below should explain why fifth board looks so weird:

Finally promised iperf results to my laptop. By the way the same PC shared TFTP and NFS to netboot CM4 under test, as obviously boards came with no microSD connectors.

For today this is all I have. I hope in the coming days I will be able to play with the boards a bit more.