TU Delft AE Study Planner

Dashboard designed and tuned for the TU Delft Aerospace Engineering Bachelor's grade system

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At some point in my Bachelor's I realized I could do with an effective way to

1. Visually inspect my progress
2. Plan my study and set my goals
3. Get a fair estimate of how much I must study (especially daily) to achieve my goals

It turned out to be a cool project to learn Excel. Hope you find some use in it!

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David Turner wrote 01/20/2023 at 16:58 point

I know one thing that any planner will help in any field of activity. I ignored it at first, but my girlfriend proved otherwise. I laughed at her and said that you can remember everything yourself, how wrong I was. I once read what top writers write, used for this. All of them as one say that everyone must have a scheduler. As a result, I bought myself one, I became more motivated. I stopped forgetting everything and everything that is written in it, I do. Therefore, in research it will become useful, now I have no doubt about it. Moreover, they are in the book version and in the electronic version.

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