B-Type Keyboard PCB

K-Type Keyboard replacement PCB. Uses TMK/QMK Firmware

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K-Type keyboard replacement PCB. This replacement uses WS2812B LEDs and is powered by Atmel MCU. It's compatible with TMK firmware.

PCB design is done and working. The LEDs need custom code in the QMK firmware. The standard firmware has 1 set of LEDs, but I designed the PCB with a single strip of LEDs for both under glow and key LEDs. Except for the LEDs not being easily programmed, the keyboard works. I just don't have the bandwidth right now to continue this project. Anyone interested in design files or software can contact me. 

I should point out the dual USB-C ports are to match the original K-type, however you can only use 1 of them at a time. The keyboard is not a USB hub and the ports are essentially wired in parallel. It allows you to use the port on the same side as  your PC, but not attach your mouse or secondary keyboard to the second port.

  • Second PCB revision finished

    Brian Barrett05/18/2021 at 03:31 0 comments

    First revision of the PCB was missing a trace. You can see it in the main project image. This has been fixed and I've assembled and tested the current version of the PCB. It's working fully, with the exception that the firmware does not properly animate the LEDs. This could be fixed in software, but I don't have the time or inclination at the moment.

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