I found a planetary gearset!

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creating a root actuator based for high cost efficient components for high torque applications 05/18/2021 at 18:000 Comments

After realizing there must be a more compact way to create an great actuator... I needed to check whats on the market....

I found a gearset in the shop of @Josh Pieper. Its very compact, cheap and easy to use.

Integrating this now in a new design it looks like this:

We have the 8318 motor with its stator connect to the case. Where its rotor is connected to the sun gear of the planetary gearkit as above mentioned. 

I am not using ball bearings for the planets of the gear. We are not facing high rpm rates. These sliding bearings are cheaper, lighter more easy to install than conventional ball bearings.  

I only use one ball bearing at the output. 

Target is to print the cage of the planets out of filament with carbon fiber.

A bit more soon....