Remote Display Image Authentication

Linux system including remote on-screen image verification via in-processor DCIC loopback for trusted automation and transactions

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Remote screen image verification is a pressing problem. Security agencies want confirmation their emergency instructions are delivered and displayed pixel for pixel on remote displays. Ideally, officials should be able to commandeer and display trusted emergency messages on any public display. In the same vein, advertisers buying remote billboard or display space need trusted proof of performance. Vitro adapted DCIC technology in the iMX6 to build an authenticated confirmation mechanism to serve these use-cases. DCIC was developed by NXP for the automotive space: delivering confirmation that warning lights appear on LCD automotive displays. Vitro adapted this technology to verify the contents of the screen buffer via DCIC, wrap the display hash into an "IoT Block" that is signed by the local ECC in the device, and deliver the IoT Block with proof of origin to trusted automation and transaction processing.

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