A project log for FlowIO Platform

Miniature, modular pneumatics toolkit for control & sensing of Soft Robots and Programmable Materials, developed at MIT Media Lab

Ali ShtarbanovAli Shtarbanov 11/04/2021 at 17:000 Comments

The mobile versions of the tutorial pages were in really bad shape, and have now been fixed to read properly on a mobile device. If you find any other pages on the website whose mobile version needs improvement, let me know to take care of it.

I have now started developing another module for the FlowIO platform that would replace the AnalogIn16 module. This new design would also incorporate a Wheatstone bridge and a differential amplifier so that it is suitable even for measuring very small changes in resistance - which are typical for strain gauges.

I have now added a ChangeLog page to the website, where I will be posting the latest updates on the project. I will usually be updating this page at the end of each month to post all the updates that have happened during the past month.