A project log for Queen Anne's Revenge Replica

A model of the famous pirate ship of Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard.

jupdykejupdyke 11/06/2016 at 01:300 Comments

Hello all.

This is beginning. And as all project start...research. So I started searching the internet for details about the original Queen Anne's Revenge. I also started looking at how model ships were built. I found two great websites which have details about the real ship. There are links in the project description.

As for how to build model ships there is a great community of people on the web. I found this pdf which gives a of details.

My first thought is to use the laser cutter to cut the keel of and planks of the ship. I need to decide on a scale for the ship and start to work on a 3d model of the skeleton of the ship.

There are 3 styles of construction for model ships.

1. Solid Body - Carved from block of wood. Least accurate but simplest method. Doesn't sounds like something I could brag about.

2. Plank on Bulkhead - This is similar to how the real ship was made, but abridged. This sounds more like something worth bragging about, but honestly, still not good enough.

3. Plank on Frame - This is replica of how the real ship was made, only on a smaller scale. This is what I am planning on building. This is the most complex method, but also the most brag worthy. Go big or go home right.


Sounds like 1:48 scale is fairly common for model ships. This makes 1 foot equal to 1/4". Seems reasonable to me.

"In most warships, the spacing between each frame was equal to the width of the frame itself. This is called room-and-space. Thus, a ¼” frame would have a ¼” space next to it, followed by another ¼” frame, and so forth. " - ScratchBuildingaModelShipgene.pdf

My research shows that Bass wood seems to be the way to go. So I am going to work on getting some sheets of 1/4" basswood.