Design #5 - Prototype V2

A project log for OpenDrone

OpenDrone is a service that makes medical drone delivery accessible by eliminating the need for infrastructure

Naman PushpNaman Pushp 05/21/2021 at 07:510 Comments


This design did not entail many major structural changes, rather cosmetic ones. Only minor improvements were made to the design, based on more recent considerations, the bulk of the work was done to make the CAD more suitable for renders, so that it could be effectively presented on our website and to potential investors/customers. This design also reflected the new manufacturing processes. While this didn’t lead to a particularly significant shift in the design itself, we had initially begun with a plan to 3D print the drone, then moving on to sheet metal fabrication and finally settling on a composite wet layup process for the body. The new coloring also more accurately reflects the final finish on the drone