Common LVDS laptop panel pinouts

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ArsenijsArsenijs 05/21/2021 at 11:240 Comments

This is a page where you can find common laptop/desktop LCD panel pinouts and see if your laptop screen's pinout matches any one of them (it likely does!).

Common pinouts:

A: FI-X 30-pin connector single-lane 6-bit pinout

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By far, the most common pinout for lower-resolution CCFL panels. If you have a 1280x800 panel, chances are, it's using this pinout.

Suitable cable

B: FI-X 30-pin connector dual-lane 6-bit pinout

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This is a very common pinout for higher-resolution CCFL displays. If you have a 1440x900, 1400x1050 or 1680x1050 panel, it's likely using this pinout.

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C: FI-X 30-pin connector dual-lane 8-bit pinout

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This is a pinout for desktop LCD monitor screens - laptop panels do not use this pinout (if there are some, let me know). If you're ordering a MT6820 (MT561) board, it will arrive with a cable that has this specific pinout and is therefore incompatible with laptop screens - as you're likely here to reuse a laptop screen, you will want to either rewire the cable you get, or order a suitable cable (for either A or B pinout, whichever you need) from the beginning.

Suitable cable

D: IPEX 40-pin connector single-lane LED 6-bit pinout

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This is a pinout for newer, LED-backlight-equipped screens of the  lower resolutions- for instance, 1366x768 screens.

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E: IPEX 40-pin connector dual-lane LED 6-bit pinout

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This is a pinout for LED-equipped higher-resolution screens - for instance, an LVDS 1080p LED backlight screen will have such a pinout.

Suitable cable

Uncommon pinouts

F: DF14 20-pin connector single-lane 6-bit/8-bit pinout

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This is a pinout for older, 1024x768 and similar laptop screens, CCFL-equipped ones. 1024x768 screens used both the A pinout, this pinout and even a different pinout with a connector I haven't made a description for yet, so if you have a 1024x768 screen you'd like to reuse, there's three possible options and you need to check which one you have before you buy/reuse/build a cable.

Suitable cable

G: FI-X 30-pin connector single-lane 8-bit pinout for 1366x768 18.5" displays

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This is a pinout that's, apparently, specific to a select range of 18.5" 1366x768 displays used in desktop LCD monitors. It's not compatible with either A, B or C pinouts, and requires a specifically wired cable.

Suitable cable


In some datasheets, the pinout will list extra pins - one before and one after the main pins, both would be described something like "shield GND". So, for a FI-X 30-pin connector, you might find a pinout in your datasheet that lists 32 pins instead of 30. These two pins are not "real" connector pins and you shouldn't worry about them - they're pins that the manufacturer decided to mention for some reason, but they're not relevant when you are actually connecting to the panel.

I have heard, though haven't yet confirmed, that sometimes manufacturers mean different things by "odd" and "even" when it comes to LVDS links. If you connect your display and it works great but has swapped lines, you will likely need to rewire your cable =(