Do you think, about making a mini audio amplifier circuit using transistor ? Then this project is for you. Following this article you can easily make mini, simple & cheap amplifier circuit at home easily.

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To make this circuit, you might need some electronics component. Those electronics component list have to been given below.

Component List :

1. Transistor – D 313

2. Resistor – 1 KΩ

3. Capacitor – 2.2µf/ 50v

4. Battery – 9v

5. Speaker – 4 Ohm

6. Heat Sink

7. Cable

Transistor Pinout – 

As usual the transistor D313 also contain 3 leg & this 3 leg’s also have 3 different names. If we count it’s leg from left side, then 1no “Base”. 2no “Collector” & 3no “Emitter”

Circuit Connection –

1st we connect capacitor positive leg with “Base” of transistor. Then connect resistor with “Base” and “Collector” of transistor. Now we connect audio input cable with the circuit.

Connect audio input “L/R” cable with capacitor negative leg and connect audio input “G” cable with 9v battery negative leg.

Then Connect speaker cable with 9v battery positive leg & connect another speaker cable with “Collector” of transistor.

Our circuit is ready for use now. Now we fixed transistor with the heat sink & connect audio input cable with mobile. Then play music & enjoy.