A project log for PnPAssist

PnPAssist is a tool that helps you to assemble PCB boards manually.

Nuri ErginerNuri Erginer 08/03/2021 at 06:560 Comments


The neo pixel component box did not worked with the current firmware which heavily rely on interrupts. The single-wire control protocol used by NeoPixels requires a very steady data stream at 800 kilobits per second. Bits must be issued at a precisely controlled rate. We are also generating pulses for motor driver, we have I2C oled and SPI SD card on board. It is not easy for Atmega328 to handle all this time critical processes. 


I will choose none of them. I am working on the mechanical design of the PnPAssist V2. I have better ideas for the component box.  if i need to give a hint it will be a carousel!