2021 Hackaday Prize Final Round Compliance Matrix

A project log for PnPAssist

PnPAssist is a tool that helps you to assemble PCB boards manually.

Nuri ErginerNuri Erginer 10/20/2021 at 07:080 Comments

a. Build a working prototype of your project. 
2 versions of the project have a working prototype.

b. Create a video, between two (2) minutes and five (5) minutes in length, that shows a working prototype. 

1. Link to the video

2. Post high-resolution photos of the project inside and out 
    Pictures added

3. Update and add detail to information entered during the Challenge Round 
    Project logs includes also the design decisions

4. Show at least ten (10) Project Log updates or at least ten (10) Build Instructions updates 
    More than 10 project logs and 2 Build instructions video added

5. Post a components list that is complete with a bill of materials for one unit 
    V1 Component List :
    V2 Component List :

6. Post reproducible build instructions 
    V1 Build instructions :
    V2 Build instructions :

Assembly Manual:

7. Post complete schematics and documented input and output requirements and specifications for your module/design 
    Controller Board schematics :
    Project requirements and specifications :
    Project functional block diagram and input / output Definitions:

8. Publish all design files including Gerber files (req – RS274 / RS274X), STL files (opt), netlist (opt), nc drill files (req – human readable), ODB++ (opt), STEP (opt), PCB files (opt), or any other design files
    All design Files for V2 :