Hardware issues are getting sorted out. New converter code.

A project log for India Navi

old school new tech outdoor navigation system

PlatinenmacherPlatinenmacher 05/30/2021 at 14:470 Comments

We found that the issue with the strange colours is probably because of a broken connection inside the flat flex cable of the screen. I did fold the display quit a lot during initial bring-up. So we will continue with a new Display and try not to move it around so much.

Chris, my partner in crime, is going over the hardware issues we found during bring-up. You can check out his progress on the GitHub for the PCB. Now with all the functions running I can concentrate on bringing a more advanced Firmware to the device.

First step will be to enable OTA Firmware download to the ESP32 and hopefully get it to flash without removing the SD-Card. This is currently necessary since the card detect messes with the strapping during POR boot. Causing the Downloader to go into UART Mode, but not UART Download mode.

On the Server side of the project I improved the Converter a bit. Now the Converter can run a function to map a colour at a specific position. This will enable us to use patterns of colours for mapping more than 7 colours to the screen. The last version just looked at the closest colour and used this to replace the original in the PNG.

Original Image from MapNik showing a piece of the Rhine river
Original Image from MapNik
Same image but the river is black because it is closer to black than blue
River colour got mapped to black because it is closer to black than blue
New function mapps blue and black in a dotted grid
New function maps blue and black in a dotted grid

How the new style looks on the screen and what else we can improve is going to be in the next log.