A project log for Number Matrix

A matrix built from sixteen boards each containing eight - four character seven segment displays for a total of 4096 individual segments.

seasleyeceseasleyece 06/11/2021 at 20:260 Comments

After getting tired of the upload process of the PICO I decided to write a simulator for the display so I could write most of the code on the PC.  The simulator started out in C# but after realizing that I did not have the knowledge to make it work correctly I switched to C++ and OpenGL.  In a previous life I have done a good bit with OpenGL but it has been 10+ year since then.

The simulator is written using Visual Studio 2019 C++ and OpenGL.  The viewport was adjusted to yield a 2D screen.  The only difference in the code running on the PICO and the simulator is what goes on inside the display function.  In the simulator it draws the image.  On the PICO is sends the data to the FPGA for display.  Pretty happy with how the simulator came out.  It is written in such a way that it can be dynamically scaled so that when I inevitably make a bigger display I can use the same simulator.