Codename Proletariat Rocket

Acquiring an L1 rocket certification is way too expensive. Codename Proletariat is the rocket for the student, the weekend, the common man.

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Generally, the price to get an L1 High Power Rocket Certification will run you about $200. I feel that democratizing space and introducing rocketry to the general public begins once the price floor gets as low as possible. For this project, I am designing a High Power Rocket (HPR) using affordable materials. Science must be accessible to everyone in a modern society. Viva la Revolucion.

Also I should mention that you build this rocket at your own risk. Any injury or damage incurred is not my responsibility. Stay safe and dont build this if youre inexperienced or an amateur. Just covering all my legal bases here.

Ooooh details.

The main body of this rocket is a simple cardboard mailing tube 24 inches long by 2 inches in diameter.

The "Rocket Can" is 3D printed PLA

The Nose Cone is 3D printed PLA

The Nose Weight are two 23/32 steel ball bearings. These are important to maximize stability

  • CodenameProletariat OpenRocket Design 1

    Not Basil Aranda05/29/2021 at 18:57 0 comments

    Just modeled the rocket in OpenRocket, a free software that is used to simulate rocket behavior and characteristics.
    This first rocket model has a stability of 1.5 Cal and can reach an apogee of 952 meters. Further optimization will be required but this is a pretty good start.

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