Creating a new mechanism (turret style)

A project log for UV Glow-In-The-Dark Laser Displays

Using UV LEDs, Phosphorescent Glow material, and clever mechanisms, a reusable and exciting display can come to life!

TuckerShannonTuckerShannon 06/13/2021 at 21:150 Comments

After finishing the glow plot clock, I was left wanting more. I decided to create a new design using more accurate stepper motors.

I found byj48 stepper motors to be a cheap and effective solution for movement.

My next designed focused on a "turret" style approach using a more powerful microcontroller, the RaspberyPi ZeroW.

CAD design

Modified hand held laser pointer (Replaced button with transistor controller by RPi GPIO pins.)

Assembling of the 3d printer parts, motor drivers, and raspberry pi

Finishing assembly

I wanted the laser to be controllable by the internet of things and my Google Assistant so I used IFTTT to achieve this.

After relearning basic trigonometry, I was able to accurately move the motors to project on a screen!