Getting the Display to Work

A project log for CRYPTOiNK

Uses an E-ink Display to Realtime Update Select Crypto Currencys

john-loefflerJohn Loeffler 05/27/2021 at 14:110 Comments


1) A Low Powered E-Paper Display

2) Graphically Display Cryptocurrency Data

3) Attach to a Refrigerator or Door (Magnets and Suction Cups)

4) Update on a 10min Basis

5) Visible 6-12Ft

//----------------------Extended Goals----------------------

5) Encoder wheel + OLED to input SSID and Passoword

6) Buttons that, when pressed, go into details of each Cryptocurrency

//-----------------Estimated BOM-------------------

The Standard hardware for this Project are:

1)  1x     Waveshare Esp8266 E paper Driver

2) 1x     Waveshare 7.5" B/W/R E paper (640x384)

3) 7x     12mm Tactile Buttons

4) 1x      Encoder (For Wifi Setup)

5) 1x     OLED Display (For Wifi Setup)


I Started out using the GxEPD2 Library to create the format

I Used Kevin Darrah's E-paper Tutorial on how to crate graphics for the E-Paper Display using the tool Image 2 LCD (

Using this Tutorial I was able to produce a format that can be seen from 6-12ft Away