TNDLPT: Tandy sound on parallel port

Parallel port "Tandy" sound card, and related DOS drivers

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TNDLPT : a soundcard for the parallel port, featuring :
features :
- SN76489AN soundchip
- USB powered high quality black color PCB
- mono headphone amplifier
- edge wheel control of amplifier volume
- button to mute the sound
- microprocessor controlled demuting logic. (developed together with Matze)

TNDLPT is a parallel port sound card that uses the SN76489 soundchip. It took a long time to achieve sufficient software support. I think now the project is ready to be published. Thanks to DOS software drivers, it can be used to play many DOS games that support Tandy sound. 

TNDLPT dos TSR drivers :
TNDY tracker :

it is available now as solder kit or presoldered board at

Demo of using TNDLPT with the dos game Zeliard  : shows TNDLPT TSR config, game config and then game playing

See a soldering video demo here : 


soldering information for the TNDLPT kit

Adobe Portable Document Format - 516.54 kB - 05/24/2021 at 14:59


  • 1 × LM386 Audio ICs / Audio Amplifiers
  • 1 × DB25 connector
  • 1 × Crystal
  • 1 × 100uF cap
  • 2 × 10uF cap

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