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A project log for LCD music display

Legible notes that don't cost a fortune

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/02/2021 at 06:090 Comments

The hardest part in an operation like this is the enclosure.

Each panel would have its own stand.  The stand would attach by magnets & fold up.  It was too big to fit on the print bed, thus began the brutal experience of modeling & gluing 10 pieces.  The dimensional accuracy of a model split into many pieces is horrible.

Tolerances were bad enough to keep it from folding up.  The wires took up a lot of space.

The LVD cable needed the living daylights bent out of it to fit in there.

The magnets held it on.  It needed a hair more clearance over the buttons.

Viewing angle was as bad as expected.  It may end up being a single page if 2 pages are too far apart.

Rear panel either came out too narrow or the LCD panel came out too wide.  Rear panel doesn't need a solid sheet.  LCD panel needs gaps to route cables next to the panel.  

Might have to leave it unfolded & make a bigger cover.