(pre) History of OZIRMA

A project log for Ozirma - near infrared spectrometer

A small infrared spectrometer to help plastic recycling. Dedicated to micro-factories around the world.

mejdimejdi 10/27/2021 at 09:100 Comments


PLASTIC ODYSSEY and Mejdi NCIRI (IMPACT PHOTONICS) come up with a concept that could reduce (a lot) the cost of IR spectrometers for plastic identification using newly available SWIR componants (cheap LEDs and Photodiode).

T3 2018:

For her end-of-studies Internship, Qing CHU (student of l'INSTITUT d'OPTIQUE) build the first proof-of-concept. It may actually work!

T2 2019:

Mejdi NCIRI (IMPACT PHOTONICS), thanks to the funding of PLASTIC ODYSSEY, build the first prototype. It measures spectra, but the SNR and repeatability is not yet sufficient for plastic identification.

Since January 2020:

In between their respective freelance jobs, Vivien HENRY (INDUCTIVE BRAIN) and Mejdi NCIRI (IMPACT PHOTONICS) vow to keep engineering OZIRMA until it can sort plastic.