First Ozirma Prototype

A project log for Ozirma - near infrared spectrometer

A small infrared spectrometer to help plastic recycling. Dedicated to micro-factories around the world.

Vivien HenryVivien Henry 10/27/2021 at 09:270 Comments

Between March and July 2019 we worked on the first prototype !

We started with a small MCU, a F0, and a 10MOhms Transimpedance amplifier for major electronics sub modules.

It was working, in a way ! we learned a lot: the main information was: 10M is not enough !

Wow. After spending few weeks to simulate completely the TIA and searching all over the internet for the perfect opamp (which we found :) ) , we decided to go for the V2

The second important new was: A STM32F0 was well under the needed specs, mainly because we needed bigger data buffers for synchronized acquisitions....

In the meantime, we found a name for this crazy project: OZIRMA.

It's time to start the second prototype :)